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Aroma Young Coconuts: Taste the Difference


Coconut water is all the rage among celebrities and fitness buffs these days. The natural rehydrator has five of the electrolytes found in human blood. (Most sports drinks only have two.) But did you know that aroma young coconut from Thailand offers some of the best tasting coconut water on the market?

As the name suggests, aroma young coconut has a unique sweet scent and flavorful, tender flesh. “If you've ever tasted its juice and compared it with other coconut juice, you will know why it is being called 'aroma' coconut. You can really taste the difference,” said Rapibhat Chandarasrivongs, minister for agriculture and head of the Thai government’s Office of Agricultural Affairs. “It’s overwhelming. So much more flavorful.”

The popular fruit grows only in Thailand, its number one exporter to the United States, where sales topped $50 million last year. Though its peak growing season is September to December, aroma young coconut water is available year round. The tender, white flesh can be easily scooped out with a spoon, and is often a key ingredient in light desserts served with crushed or shaved ice and topped with coconut milk.

Loaded with electrolytes—including more potassium than a banana—coconut water is catching on with Americans as a tasty, low-calorie alternative to post-workout sports drinks. Mixologists and party hosts are including it in sweet, refreshing tropical cocktails. And for those who overindulge, don’t worry: this May 2010 Time Magazine story says that coconut water’s rehydrating powers will cure a hangover.

Look for the following brands of Thai aroma young coconut water brands in food markets throughout the United States:

Foco Coco
King (Roasted Coconut Juice)

Frozen (available in convenient microwavable containers)
Cool Coco
Queen's Diamond Brand

Fresh Aroma Young Coconut
Produce D.P.

Coconut Distributors Tel Fax
Best Oriental Produce (323) 923-1660 (323) 923-1666
D.P. Trading Inc. (213) 747-1679 (213) 747-1682
S.S.K. (213) 689-0978  
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